Dubai, UAE

United Trans is one of the first GCC private companies that is fully dedicated to serving the region’s transportation industry. We currently have the sub-divisions of Qitarat (Railway), Mattarat (Aviation), Masaarat (Land Transportation) and Mawanee (Marine & Ports) which cover the different transportation modes.

Our clientele includes the likes of Dubai Road & Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai Metro, Etihad Rail, Abu Dhabi Integrated Transport Centre (ITC), Dubai International Airport, Al Maktoum International Airport, Etihad Aviation Services, Qatar Rail, Oman Airports and Bahrain Airport Company (BAC).

The engineering team at United Trans provide supply, installation, maintenance and overhaul services for key transport projects and entities like Dubai Metro, Bahrain Airport, Dubai Airport, Abu Dhabi Airport and Etihad Rail.

We continue to lead the way in introducing futuristic technologies such as autonomous vehicles, on-demand ride sharing, MaaS platforms and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), to name a few.

In Feb 2020, United Trans launched Dubai Bus on Demand (DBOD). This is the first Public-Private Partnership Bus service initiative from the RTA, and the service is managed and operated by United Trans with our SaaS partner, Via. DBOD uses the power of Advanced AI & Data Science to run a completely on-demand service, responding in real-time to customer ride requests, real-time traffic data and anticipated future demand. This makes it the first general use case on-demand public transport service of its kind in the region.

Products and Services


  • Rolling Stock
  • Railway Equipment
  • Rail Track and Related Components
  • Wayside Equipment & Weighing Systems
  • Rail Systems & Operations Modeling

Road Systems

  • Integrated Transport Systems
  • Micro Mobility
  • First Mile Last Mile
  • MaaS Platform
  • Smart Parking Systems


  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Passenger Boarding Bridges
  • Baggage Handling Systems
  • Air Traffic Control Systems
  • Airport Equipment

Rail Tracks

  • UIC E1, E2 and other Profiles
  • Head Hardened Rail

Rail Track Related Components

  • Switches
  • Crossings
  • Turnouts
  • Base Plates
  • Fasteners
  • Rail Pads & Insulators

Wayside Equipment & Weighing Systems

  • In-Motion Train Weighing System
  • Train Speed & Positioning System
  • Train Loading Improvement System

Rail Systems & Operations Modelling

  • Full Cab Simulators
  • Motion Base
  • Mobile Simulators
  • Portable Simulators
  • Reality Centres
  • Part Task Trainers
  • Computer Based Trainers
  • Driver Console Simulators
  • Engineering Simulators

Air Traffic Controls & Solutions

  • ATM/CNS Turnkey Solutions
  • Automatic Systems and Centers
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Surveillance Systems
  • CPDLC (Controller Pilot Data Link) Systems
  • Navigation Systems
  • Satellite Navigation Systems
  • Aeronautics Communications Systems
  • Radar and Meteo Systems
  • Airport Integrated Systems
  • Simulators (Radar/Aerodrome)

Ground Support Equipment

  • Hi-Lift Catering Truck
  • Hi-Lift Maintenance Platform
  • Pax Stairs
  • Lavatory trucks
  • Water Tucks
  • Fuel Bowser
  • Ground Power Units
  • Load Banks
  • Static Converters
  • Crocodile Cables

Passenger Boarding Bridge

  • Fixed Bridge (Tunnel)
  • Commuter PBB
  • A380 PBB
  • T-Type PBB
  • Nose Loader PBB
  • Apron Drive Passenger Bridge

Washing Systems & Tunnel & Station Fire Protection Systems

  • Washing Systems
  • Tunnel & Station Fire Protection Systems

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